The Programme is a four-year undergraduate programme that aims at nurturing future global leaders in the various fields of communications. Designed to cultivate a global mindset with local sensitivity, this programme provides training on multicultural competencies and professional skills in journalism and different media sectors in the global context.

Built on the collaboration of two top media and communication schools in two continents, the Programme possesses a wider range of learning and research resources as well as expertise.

The Programme offers an innovative and truly international way of learning. You will establish a relationship with classmates in the U.K./Hong Kong of diverse backgrounds through virtual learning environments and social networks.

One-Year studying abroad in the U.K./Hong Kong enables you to experience very different media, cultural and social environments and develop their international networks.

Study tours, media visits, internships and various extra-curricular activities will be organised to enrich your out-of-classroom learning experience and broaden your horizons.


Your journey starts here


In year one you meet your fellow students from the U.K / Hong Kong remotely through a variety of virtual environments (skype, conference calls etc). You spend the rest of your degree studying alongside students from the U.K. / Hong Kong, giving you an extraordinary opportunity for intellectual and cultural exchange and debate.



Abroad study in the U.K.


In year two, the students from Hong Kong visit Sussex and study alongside U.K. students on the Global Media and Communications degree.







Abroad study in Hong Kong


In year three, the students from Hong Kong and the U.K. spend a year at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and continue to work together our journalism and new media subjects. In that winter, you join an overseas field study tied to the course Current Issues in Global Communication.



Senior Research Project


You go back to your home University where you continue to work remotely with the students on the other side and pursue independent lines of study or enquiry for your final year project.