Hong Kong

International City – Hong Kong is well-known as one of the most multicultural cities around the globe. As a melting pot of Eastern and Western culture with a remarkable history that moves through Chinese immigration, colonization by the British and subsequent handover as a Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong is a place where you can immerse yourself in its history, experience the unique customs, explore its kilometers of wilderness and above all enjoy a complex multicultural vibe like no other place.

High English Literacy – Hong Kong is a bilingual city, in which most of the residents can interact effectively in English. There is no language burden for foreigners living and studying here. In addition to the chances for personal development that this energetic city offers to you, you can also easily enjoy the rapid advancement in financial and media industry here.

 Pearl of the Orient – Hong Kong is an exchange hub of ideas, capital and people in Asia where you can meet talents, expend your networks and develop your career.


The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Founded in 1963, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is a forward-looking comprehensive research university with a global vision and a mission to combine tradition with modernity, and to bring China and the West together.

Built on a hillside, CUHK has the largest campus in Hong Kong. Most of this area is covered in greenery, and nestled among the greenery are tasteful buildings featuring a mix of Chinese and Western architectural styles. The campus is conveniently located in Shatin, a suburb in the north-eastern part of the city.

Given its geographical location, traditions and ties, CUHK enjoys special advantages in the study of Chinese language, culture, etc. CUHK’s high-quality basic and applied research in all disciplines underpins the first-class education it offers.



School of Journalism and Communication

The School of Journalism and Communication is a leading centre of media and communication education in Greater China and the Asia Pacific region. The School has the longest history at communication education and research in Hong Kong. Since its establishment in 1965, the School has trained more than 5000 graduates, many of whom have become influential leaders and decision makers in the media and cultural industries and beyond.

The School has an excellent teaching team comprising world renowned scholars in the field of media studies and experienced professionals from journalism, public relations and advertising as well as creative media industries. It is home of the SSCI-listed Chinese Journal of Communication and the Chinese language journal Communication and Society, which is affiliated with the International Communication Association.

The long history of the School parallels the development and growth of Hong Kong as an international and cosmopolitan city. Through the decades our graduates have entered the workforce in Hong Kong and beyond, and have become influential leaders and decision makers in the media, communication and cultural industries.